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Acrylic - Fluid Art


The Elephant - Fluid Art - Varnished

12 x 16"  Available

Who knew I could release myself from the detail and control I’ve

committed myself to for so many years.  Now delving into the world of

abstract, this fascinating style/medium with it’s flowing movement and uncontrollable results has been nothing less than exhilarating for me.

I’m excited when I’ve created a colourful acrylic pour, then set it out and

look at it until it calls something to me. That’s when I can put some

of “me” back into it with embellishments such as you see here with my

elephant or the linear representation of a woman with a glass of wine. 

Then sometimes, I just “go with the flow” and let it speak it’s own language!

5 (2).jpg
feather pour (3) - Copy.JPG
2 fea (2).jpg

Wine Anyone? Fluid Art

Varnished. 9 x 12"  SOLD

The Feather, white bkgd Resin finish 11 x 14"  SOLD

The Feather, black bkgd Resin finish 11 x 14"   SOLD

10 x 20 dutch pour.jpg

Blue Burst - Fluid Art - Varnished

10 x 20"  Available

Beach Wave

Fluid Art - RESIN

10 x 20"  SOLD

Beach Wave MINI 

Fluid Art - RESIN

5 x 7"  SOLD

wave small (3).jpg
ring pour (2).JPG

GEODE - Fluid Art - Resin  

9 x 12"  SOLD

white dutch pour (2).JPG

Hanging On - Fluid Art - Resin

9 x 12"  Available

Explosion! Fluid Art - RESIN  20 x 30"  SOLD

IMG_4115 (2).JPG

Colour Burst - Lime/Blue - Fluid Art

Varnish - 18 x 24"  SOLD


The Lake - Fluid Art - Varnish

12 x 16"  Available


Mesmorize - Fluid Art - 

Varnish - 10 x 10"  Available

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