The Artist ... 

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College trained in graphic arts, I began a career as a designer in print media.  After a few years employed in print/graphic shops, I opened my own graphics business, and flourished until taking a sabbatical to start a family. During that time, I found that painting (something I had enjoyed in my teenage years) brought me much joy, relaxation

and contentment.

Other than an occasional workshop, I can attest

that I am primarily self taught. This of course means

that I learned things through experimentation -

trial and error you might say, but I think that was

pivotal in becoming a versatile artist.

I've explored many mediums, techniques, surfaces

and subject matter. Although some of my recent work reflects freedom of expression, I am often drawn back to the detail and beauty of realism. 

Art For Everyone

Throughout the pages you will explore my current work, from realism to expressionism in acrylic and watercolour.


Recently discovering fluid art, I've uncovered a new passion that has allowed me to "paint outside the lines" and enjoy a sense of freedom in my art.

On occasion I put a little

"fine art" touch to some,

such as this little


Please flow through my

pages and find that special

piece that draws you in,

speaks to you.   

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